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War epidemic-GHW launches new office model

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Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, GHW has actively responded to the government's call, researched and formulated various plans in a timely manner, and raced against time and fully reflect the responsibility of GHW people.

Before the epidemic situation is clear, the company has been sensitive to the severity of the epidemic, and has decisively established a decision-making emergency leadership team, and simultaneously established an epidemic prevention and control working group to put the safety of employees in the first place.

On the basis of fully cooperating with government departments at all levels to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, GHW has relied on its strong information management capabilities to open a home telecommuting model and achieve comprehensive online collaborative office: GHW E-commerce APP system provides online contracting, order query, logistics tracking functions; GHW Information System provides functions such as online production of sales and purchase contracts, online approval, logistics delivery, warehouse receiving and sending, and financial related operations. The launch of the new office model has ensured the procurement, sales and supply of important materials and raw materials related to the epidemic in the severe situation where the epidemic situation has intensified and personnel cannot be on the job, and has contributed to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation.

During the critical period of the epidemic prevention and control, GHW will strictly abide by various national government directives, actively do a good job of internal prevention and control, and fully cooperate to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.


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