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Nanjing Goldenhighway Int’I SCM Corp.

Nanjing Goldenhighway Int’I SCM Corp. was established in 2008 and is a core subsidiary of GHW International (09933.HK), which listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.We established long-term strategic cooperative relations with many global top 500 chemical companies.

GHW e-commerce

Chemical experts in your pocket!

This is an e-commerce application software that serves the trade business of the chemical industry. It uses electronic communication and network technology to achieve the electronic and network trade and provide customers with online shopping services. The application takes product and order processing as the main line of the system and uses the GHW information management platform as the data core to provide trading products and services.


Core competence

Global sourcing and sales

Affiliated companies in more than 10 countries and 

regions around the world



Warehousing and logistics
China has two logistics companies, 

2 self-operated warehouses, 

more than 30 third-party warehouses and multiple overseas warehouses

Industrial base
2 core production bases in the world




E-commerce platform
Officially launched in 2019 to achieve the electronic and network trade



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