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In the severe period of epidemic, the commendation meeting for employees of "Brave act" was held

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On March 17, HAVAY , a subsidiary of GHW, held a simple and solemn commendation ceremony to commend the employees who adhered to their positions in order to protect the urgently needed epidemic prevention materials and production materials during the most severe period of the epidemic. Yang Lin, deputy general manager of the "Front Headquarters" who continued to stick to his job, chaired the commendation meeting, and various departments sent representatives to participate.

At the commendation meeting, the deputy general manager Yang Lin further elaborated on the company's award announcement and congratulated the commended employee representatives. He expressed tribute to their spirit and behavior of being brave in acting and advancing and retreating with the company and awarded 80,000 Yuan at the meeting.

During the Spring Festival in 2020, under the strict control of various places, in order to protect the supply of epidemic prevention materials and society's urgently needed materials, as a supplier of such materials, HAVAY under the overall command of the company's prevention and control team, overcome difficulties , while ensuring epidemic prevention, we did our best to ensure the continuous production of animal nutrition and pharmaceutical & pharmaceutical intermediate products, and ensure the supply of downstream customers and some epidemic prevention materials. With the support of all levels of government and the joint efforts of the company ’s employees, on February 10, we obtained workshops resumption licenses; as of now, HAVAY ’s resumption rate has reached 99%, and the resumption rate of production has reached 100%.

In this emergency, the HAVAY was able to respond actively and achieved "self-protection, helping others, and self-improvement", relying on the spirit of HAVAY people who are willing to take responsibility and dare to act, it was the spirit of dedication, strong responsibility and cohesion that sharing the destiny with the enterprise; it was precisely this group of HAVAY people who dare to act, that the HAVAY Group could achieve the staged victory in the fight against epidemic and resumption of production!

In 2020, the construction of the HAVAY Industrial Park has already begun, and with the joint assistance of the HAVAY people, the development of the HAVAY will surely go faster.


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